British Etiquette

Great Britain is full of deep-rooted traditions, history and surely etiquette. Now, one does not need to be invited to a state banquet to gear up with etiquette knowledge; in fact, it comes in handy at any given social encounter when in Britain. Understanding certain unwritten rules, ways of small talk, sense of humour and so on, will help one to feel comfortable and confident, and most importantly to connect.

This course is specifically designed for those who plan to move to Britain to work, study, live, go there for business, meet a client, or even simply have a holiday.

Coming from the non-British who lived there, studied, worked and simply enjoyed life for a great amount of time, you can expect to learn things from the perspective of a person who went thought it all.

Throughout the course you can learn about the invisible, but existing, queue in the pubs, importance of small talk and how to master it, essentials of British dining etiquette, Afternoon tea tradition, things better not said or asked, and much more depending on your needs and goals.

flags on poles on street during daytime
flags on poles on street during daytime