About Me

Becoming an etiquette expert was a gradual decision made over the years. I have degrees in Law and Criminology, however, I eventually realised that I was more interested in people's behaviour governed not by the law, but by how they choose to conduct themselves in everyday scenarios.

After establishing a career as a criminal investigator and meeting a great variety of individuals, I saw that there is so much more to people than their economic or social status. This is because how we conduct ourselves and treat each other can tell us more than we might think.

To me, etiquette is an art. This art is shaped by every country’s customs and traditions, and reflected through the acts of its people. The beauty of our actions and words – and demonstrating kindness to one another to make our interactions smooth and pleasant – is the golden thread that transcends borders.

My knowledge in etiquette comes from two of the world’s top five etiquette and protocol institutions – The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette. Throughout the years, I have honed my approach and continue to attend training sessions to further deepen my knowledge. I also immerse myself in etiquette literature to make sure I am finely tuned into being as encompassing and considerate as possible in any social setting.

My areas of expertise include developing Interpersonal Skills and Personal Representation, Dining Etiquette, Afternoon Tea, Business Etiquette.