Etiquette for Graduates

Graduating from school or university is an exciting time. It signifies the end of an era, with new beginnings on the horizon. No matter our vocation in life, it will fill our days with vastly different experiences compared to when we were studying towards our qualification.

New, unknown situations may challenge us on many levels, and the best thing we can do for ourselves is prepare for as many of these as possible. Whatever comes our way – networking events, job interviews, making that all-critical first impression, sending an e-mail to our seniors, attending an official dinner party – if we are prepared, we can enjoy these moments, stress-free.

Etiquette releases us from worry and discomfort. It doesn’t just give us confidence, but an advantage in society.

person holding black academic hat
person holding black academic hat
First impression
  • Handshake

  • Posture and deportment

  • Entering and exiting the room

  • Physical appearance

and more


Digital etiquette
  • How to write and when to send an email

  • Social media

  • Group chats

and more

Job interviews
  • Preparation and CV

  • Arrival time

  • Follow up letter

and more

Business etiquette essentials
  • Networking events

  • Dress codes

  • Communication in business environment

  • Meeting (online and live) etiquette

and more

Dinning etiquette essentials
  • Differences between social and business dining

  • Correct way of holding cutlery and glassware

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Some of the tricky foods

  • No-nos at the table

and more

Small talk
  • Taboo topics

  • Safe topics

  • Uncomfortable questions

and more