Afternoon Tea

Sometime during the 1860s, the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell, served her guests an appetising afternoon snack with their tea. This is said to be the origins of the very first afternoon tea. Fast forward more than 160 years, and we have a simple yet luxurious way to treat ourselves. Crustless sandwiches, scones, and decadent desserts with endless cups of tea (or perhaps a glass of champagne if the occasion is right) over engaging conversation is a delight for us all. Find out all the whys and hows of hosting your own afternoon tea party, and the correct way to eat a scone, while learning about the history, rules, and fun facts around the delectable tradition that’s still very much alive in the 21st century.

pastries display on rack
pastries display on rack
History of the Afternoon Tea
  • Why was Anna Marie getting hungry in the afternoon?

  • What does the sandwich with cucumber represent?

  • Difference between Afternoon Tea and High Tea and Cream Tea

    and more


Etiquette around tea
  • Holding of a tea cup

  • White vs brown sugar

  • Cold vs hot milk

  • Understanding different teas

    and more

Etiquette around Afternoon Tea food
  • How to pick/eat the sandwich

  • How to eat a scone

  • Jam or clotted cream first?

    and more

* Not all topics might be covered in one seminar/lecture/class/workshop.