Digital Etiquette

Emails, conference calls, voice messages, video calls, chat groups, and social media have all become a major part of our daily lives. The fact that we are contactable all day, every day, makes it more important than ever to be considerate of people's time and space.

There are countless ways to show respect online, including how we convey our messages and when we choose to do so. What’s more, in many cases in today’s world, first impressions are formed online. And, as we all know, we don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Online or off.

  • How to write a good email

  • When not to send an email

  • How to sign an email

  • Social vs professional email

  • CC, BCC, email threads

    and more

Online profiles
  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook, Instagram, ect.

  • Dating apps

    and more


Online chats and conferences
  • Group chats

  • Voice messages

  • Decoding digital conversations

  • Video conferences

  • General etiquette around smartphones, tables, watches, ect.

    and more